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William Redell, Santa Maria Criminal Attorney: “As a Defense Attorney, I can say without any reservation at all, Mr. Jennings provides outstanding service. I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Jennings (and often do) with questions and advice regarding any legal issue. He's the attorney, attorneys turn to when they have questions and need sound legal advice.  Thanks for all your help over the years - you make me proud of our profession” (5-star Google Review)

Terri Dutra, Andrew Jennings’ client: “Attorney Jennings represented me well. He was well informed and available. Thank you!!” (5-star Google Review)

received a restraining order?  why you want an attorney 

If you have been served a restraining order in Santa Maria CA, you want a Santa Maria restraining order attorney who treats you with dignity, respect, and defends you aggressively.  Without a professional attorney to guide you, it’s easy to feel stressed, uncertain, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, and hopeless.  

I don’t think you should have to feel that way.  That’s why I offer a free call so you can feel empowered and hopeful.  And if you choose me to defend you, I offer reasonable fees and payment plans to do everything I can to make my services affordable. Call me today at 805-688-9217 to see how I can best help you.

my agreement with you:

I agree to:

  • Defend you to the best of my ability, 
  • Treat you with dignity and respect, 
  • Guide you every step of the way

a santa maria restraining order attorney that understands how you feel

I understand what you are feeling and deeply sympathize.  It’s normal to feel fear, depression, confusion, uncertainty, intimidation and hopelessness when you receive a restraining order.  Life is complicated enough without having to go to court.  And there’s also the pressure of time as a restraining order hearing is usually only 20 to 25 days away.  

However, when people call me they often feel less stressed and more in control.  Give me a call today at 805-688-9217 if you need someone to defend you against a restraining order.

frequently asked questions

how do restraining orders work in california?
What is a restraining order anyway? Basically, A restraining order stops someone from harassing someone else. For example, if a husband threatens his wife, the wife might seek a restraining order against her husband.
do I need a lawyer if I receive a restraining order?
Yes, because the restraining order could go on your criminal record in California if made permanent. If made permanent, the restraining order goes into what is called the CLETS database “California law Enforcement Telecommunications System.” For law enforcement, it helps them enforce the restraining order on you. And for future employers, schools, and vocational licensing boards, it tells them you have a criminal record. This makes it really hard to get jobs and further your career.
what happens if you break a restraining order in california?
It’s very important to follow all of the rules you received in your restraining order and seek legal counsel as soon as possible. According to Penal Code 273.6, if you know about the rules and break them anyway, you could face up to a year in county jail in addition to a fine of $1000. That will go on your criminal record, ruin your reputation, and make it hard to find jobs.
how long does a restraining order last in california?
It depends what kind of restraining order it is. If you are served a restraining order, it’s typically a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) or an EPO (Emergency Protective Order). Civilians request TROs, but only law enforcement request EPOs. For more information on these restraining orders visit this page. These types of restraining order last between 7 and 25 days. Whether the restraining order becomes permanent is decided at the restraining order hearing. If the restraining order becomes permanent, it can last as long as 5 years.
how do I defend against a restraining order in santa maria CA?
Grounds to get a restraining order against someone else requires evidence of things like abuse, threatening, harassment, and stalking. It follows then that to defend against a restraining order in California you want evidence that counters those things: abuse, threatening, harassment, and stalking.
Relevant phone texts, surveillance footage, emails, witness testimonies, police reports, screenshots, GPS records, and computer and phone records are examples of evidence used to defend against a restraining order. But be careful not to delete or destroy any evidence you think may count against you. That is called perjury and obstruction of justice, which can get you in really deep trouble.
will I need to go to court for a restraining order?
Yes, you will need to go to court. However, you can have me at your side to defend you aggressively and possibly with witnesses who can testify to your side of the story. Failing to go to court is incredibly risky, as the judge can rule against you without hearing your side of the story.

Your santa maria restraining order attorney near you

It is scary to receive a restraining order. There are a lot of steps that need to be done just right to get the best result. You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here for you, and just a call away. Give me a call today for your peace of mind and for the best possible results. Call me now at 805-688-9217 to see how I can best help you.

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